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2020 Edition review

10.March.20 - Patra-Patra khoz da, baniyaa ikk kitab
Gurmit Singh Palahi

2019 Edition review

28.Feb.19 - Indians Abroad and Punjab Impact 2019(Guru Nanak Dev ji Edition)

2019 Edition review

August 2019 - Shergill's International Vaisakhi Souvenir
Gurmit Singh Palahi

Worldwide campaign for the Sikh turban and human rights

13-4-2017 to 28-3-2018 - International campaign for the Sikh turban and human rights
Nirpal Singh Shergill, UK

2010 Edition review

01.July.10 - Shergill's Indians Abroad and Punjab Impact-2010
Amandip Singh Maheru, UK

2008 Edition review

31.Jan.08 - Indians Abroad 2008 released at TVU, UK.
Jasbir Kaur, Raj Academy, UK

2007 Edition review

06.Feb.07 - Nirpal Shergill's useful work on Indian diaspora
Sarbjit Dhaliwal, Tribune News Service

2005 Edition review

17.Feb.05 - Indians Abroad and Punjab Impact focuses on Sikhs abroad
Neeraj Bagga, Tribune News Services, Amritsar

2004 Edition review

22.May.04 - Latest book on Sikh centenaries
Tribune News Services, Chandigarh

27.Feb.04 - Book on Sikh organisations released
Tribune News Services, Amritsar

18.May.03 - Shergill's Indians Abroad and Punjab Impact
Prabhjot Singh, Tribune News Services, Chandigarh.


2020 Edition review
Gurmit Singh Palahi

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Indians Abroad and Punjab Impact 2019(Guru Nanak Dev ji Edition)

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Shergill's International Vaisakhi Souvenir
Gurmit Singh Palahi

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International campaign for the Sikh turban and human rights
Nirpal Singh Shergill, UK

To know more about this international campaign everyday, please visit my Timeline Diary for detailed news at:

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Shergill's Indians Abroad and Punjab Impact-2010
Amandip Singh Maheru, UK

India, the largest democracy in the world is in a process of rising up to become one of the major players on the world stage. Despite being a colourful mosaic of cultures and faiths, she remains one of the poorest yet most peaceful of the newcomers on the world stage. From the sublime backdrop of the geological roof of the world the mile high block of Himalayan mountain range flow five of her most sacred rivers onto the plains named after this unique phenomenon - namely The Punjab, land of the five rivers.

Punjab culture is based by and large in the religion of Sikhism, the youngest and most open of world's major faiths and religions. Historically, The Punjab was connected to Europe to the West and China to the East via Southern track of The Silk Road. Trade and entrepreneurial skills were thus ingrained within the people of the plains. Brave, courageous and fearlessly sincere, the men of turbans and beards have not only held off Moghul and Mongol invasions but have emigrated to virtually every corner of the known world.

From their historical origins, the Sikh Diaspora renowned for their particular skills of leadership and diligence hold both the country of India and represent the anchors by which all Indians abroad are able to establish and sustain themselves.

In order to connect, maintain and enhance the links between Sikhs in the U.K, Canada, U.S.A, Africa and India one man Nirpal Singh Shergill has devoted over a decade of his life to compiling an as yet fledgling compendium of not only Sikhs but Punjabi people and Indians spread across the globe into one complete labor of love directory (“Indians Abroad" – and Punjab Impact) through which they are able to both communicate and maintain themselves.

The 2010 edition of this annually updated directory represents the 12th conjoining of Sikh peoples coming with the construction and launch of a sister website. The work is comprehensive, in that it brings together essential yellow pages of the business, religious, academic and cultural institutions and organizations that has grown organically ever since the conscientious compilation of the first edition twelve years ago.

So thorough is the work that it belongs on the shelves and desktops of anyone interested in the progression of the Punjabi peoples and communities across the globe. Full of accurate details, easily accessible and still growing year by year, it truly deserves it's place as the number one "International Directory of Punjabi non-resident Indians" and those foreign businesses and organizations interested in both working with and doing projects that shall be based upon India's new platform as the world's most influential upcoming giant democracy.

Mr. Shergill welcomes all new contacts, comments and feedback via his e-mail -

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Indians Abroad 2008 released at TVU, UK
Jasbir Kaur, Raj Academy, UK

The Special Gurgaddi Shatabdi of Sri Guru Granth Sahib edition of Shergill's "Indians Abroad" was released on 31st January at Thames Valley University, UK by Dr Christopher Batchelor, Head of London College of Music TVU, in the presence of the author, Mr Nirpal Singh Shergill and Professor Surinder Singh, Head of Sikh/Indian Music at TVU, the Worlds largest faculty of Sikh Music.

London based author, Shergill's International publication contains A-Z of the Sikh world including profiles of prominent Punjabi's settled abroad. It also highlights the Indo-British business partnershipin education, culture, science and technology. This 10th edition of the book also includes numerous articles about Sri Guru Granth Sahib by eminent Sikh scholars.

The function was organised on the opening ceremony of the Sikh Music performance platform the 'Rotunda' at TVU Slough, in partnership with Raj Academy headed by Prof. Surinder Singh. Dignitaries present included, Dr Christopher Batchelor, Head of London College of Music, Sue Roberts, Head of Film, Jasvir Kaur, Lecturer Faculty of the Arts, Andrew Ward, Head of Marketing and Maureen Skinner Registrar at Thames Valley University London;

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Nirpal Shergill's useful work on Indian diaspora
06.Feb.07 - Sarbjit Dhaliwal, Tribune News Service

With dedication and zeal, Mr Nirpal Singh Shergill has been working in a most difficult area. He has been collecting data with regard to the Indians abroad. To accomplish the task, he has visited several countries. Though settled in London, Mr Shergill is a frequent visitor to India. He belongs to Patiala district.

He started his career in London by publishing a monthly magazine in English, "The Politics". Political issues concerning India were given prominence in that magazine. However, later, he started writing in Punjabi and became a freelance writer. He has written about 1,000 articles on various issues concerning the NRIs in the UK, Canada, the USA and other countries.

And the work done by him with regard to the collection of data about Indians abroad is worth appreciating. He first published a directory of information regarding all important Indians, especially Punjabis, settled in various parts of the world. In that directory, he also provided information regarding various Sikh and other religious places of Indian communities abroad.

That directory has now turned into a big book. Mr Shergill has published the ninth edition of the directory under the title, 'Indians Abroad and the Punjab Impact'. "I have included A to Z of the Sikh world that is a complete list of Sikh organisations from Afghanistan to Zambia and Australia to the USA. It is an international publication", he says. "Through the book, I have also tried to highlight the new developments in the Indo-European relations and India-UK business partnership", he adds.

He has provided international codes of all countries and their important cities, addresses of all embassies and high commissions in New Delhi, Indian diplomatic missions abroad and other information regarding India and the European Union.

There is also detailed information of telephone numbers of Indian organisations, newspapers, law offices, immigration services, insurance consultants, manufacturers, travel and tour consultants, hotels, restaurants, caterers and banquet halls outside India.

Most part of the publication is in English, but it has also information in Punjabi. It has some information articles contributed by persons such as Mr Bhupinder Singh, who is based in Holland and has done a lot of research work on Indian regiments that were engaged in the western front ( France and Belgium) during the World War I. He has collected the names of India soldiers, many of whom were Sikhs, who lost their lives in that war on the western front. The number of Indian soldiers who lost their lives in World Wars I and II in France and Belgium is said to be close to 9,000.

"I will continue to make further new additions in the next editions of the publication", he says. "The purpose is help people come closer", he adds.

The Tribune Online

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Indians Abroad and Punjab Impact focuses on Sikhs abroad
17.Feb.05 - Neeraj Bagga, Tribune News Services, Amritsar

Mr Nirpal Singh Shergill, an international freelance Punjabi journalist based in the UK, has produced a reference book "Indians Abroad and Punjab Impact", about the spread the Sikhs across the globe.

According to the Sikh intelligentsia, the book was a laudable effort by an individual and it should have been written much earlier by the Sikh organisations like the Shiromani Gurdwara Prabandhak Committee (SGPC) or the Delhi Gurdwara Prabandhak Committee.

Mr Shergill was here to participate in the International Seminar on "20th Century Immigration and Immigrant Literature" held at Guru Nanak Dev University recently.

Mr Shergill, born and brought up in Majal Khurd village of Patiala, went to Britain and settled there. However, he later returned to India. With the help of his writings, he has been working as a bridge between the Punjabis living abroad and in India. His writings bring out the problems being faced by the Punjabis settled overseas, including the racial discrimination against Sikhs. Besides, he also delineates the growing influence of the Indian culture in England, Canada and the USA.

His efforts have brought into focus the Sikh history beginning from religious journey of Guru Nanak Dev to Baghdad to the post-independent migration of the Sikhs looking for greener pastures. This special issue of the reference book was dedicated to the three hundred years of martyrdom of the four Sahibzadas and mother of Guru Gobind Singh. Mr Parkash Singh Badal, former Chief Minister, released the book at Fatehgarh Sahib during the celebrations.

The book also has writings about increasing influence of the Indian culture in Britain, development of Sikh religion and the major events in the Sikh history.

Talking to this correspondent, Mr Shergill said that about 28 lakh Punjabis were living abroad. His motive was to express their feelings through his pen. He said they were coping with numerous problems and at the same time were keen to know about the developments taking place in India. "I am working as a journalist in the true sense of the word. I frequently travel to various places, where a sizeable population of Punjabis is residing, to have the firsthand information," he said.

He added that the book had been made available all over the world in Punjabi and English languages. He said it contained the addresses of 2000 gurdwaras - historical as well as newly-constructed. It also contained articles about 500 established Sikhs and life-sketches of 150 renowned Punjabis.

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Latest book on Sikh centenaries
22.May.04 -Tribune News Services, Chandigarh

London-based Punjabi journalist Nirpal Singh Shergill released his latest book dedicated to celebrating of Sikh centenaries during 2004, in Patiala yesterday.

The Global Punjab Foundation also organised a seminar on the works of Mr Shergill before the release of his book.

Mr Shergill, who is credited with bringing out a year book on Indians abroad for the past several years, has focused on celebration of the 500th birth anniversary of Guru Angad Dev, 400th anniversary of Guru Granth Sahib and 300th anniversary of the martyrdom of sahibzadas of Guru Gobind Singh.
The illustrated book on Sikh centenaries of 2004 not only contains the religious ceremonies to be held in connection with these centenaries but also carries in depth articles on Guru Angad Dev, Guru Granth Sahib and Sahibzadas of Guru Gobind Singh.

It also contains information about all the five Takhts of the Sikh, besides containing a complete directory of Sikh gurdwaras worldwide. It has a special feature on historic gurdwara of Khadoor Sahib in Amritsar.

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Book on Sikh organisations released
27.Feb.04 -Tribune News Services, Amritsar

'Indians Abroad and Punjab Impact' authored by noted Sikh scholar and journalist, Narpal Singh Shergill, which depicts the contemporary history of the Sikhs was released by Sardara Singh Johal, Vice Chairman, Punjab State Planning Commission and S.P.Singh, Vice-Chancellor, Guru Nanak Dev University, at the conference hall, here today.

The book has the complete list of Sikh organisations from Afghanistan to Zambia and from Australia to the U.S.A.

The 232-page book is first of its kind which carries complete information about all Sikh shrines (more than 2000) in the world.

Click here for Punjabi version

Shergill's Indians Abroad and Punjab Impact
18.May.03 -Prabhjot Singh, Tribune News Services, Chandigarh

Mr.Narpal Singh Shergill, an NRI journalist and a prominent Punjabi writer based in England, has released the fifth edition of his reference book 'Indians Abroad and Punjab Impact'. The book was formally released in Ludhiana last week.

It contains complete information about 2,000 sikh organisations and gurdwaras all over the world and carries the profiles of 125 eminent Punjabi personalities.

"It also contains names, addresses, email addresses and telephone numbers of over 1000 community leaders, hundreds of community organisations, Indian media organisations outside India, Punjabi's doing well in politics, business, trade and industry abroad," Mr Shergill told the Tribune here.

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