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I am pleased to present the 20th edition of my annual publication, Indians Abroad and Punjab Impact, a complete International Directory of Punjabi NRIs.

Indians Abroad and Punjab Impact Having worked for many years to compile this informative reference guide for and about Asian Indians outside the Indian sub-continent, I am pleased that my research and compilation has been recognised and was accredited by the Government of Punjab during the Punjabi NRIs convention in Chandigarh on 4th January, 2013.

In the past few years, not only has Indian business development abroad intensified but there has also been a rise in partnerships in education, power, oil & gas, real estate, infrastructure, telecom and service industries. Further more, there has also been an increase in NRIs' Investment in India. Due to this increased demand for closer economic cooperation and business partnerships between India and the rest of the world, Indians Abroad and Punjab Impact has been extended and enlarged.

The enhanced 20th edition of this international directory gives the readers direct access to thousands of well-established Punjabi NRIs worldwide. The listings range from businesses, media, law, immigration, education, health services, organisations and religious and cultural institutions. Details of Indian diplomatic missions throughout the world alongwith addresses of foreign missions in New Delhi and International telephone codes have also been added.

Additionally, this informative reference guide has investigative and analytical articles from established writers specialising in the Indian diaspora including articles on subjects such as the growth of Punjabi newspapers, , development of Punjabi businesses all over the world and the dominating role in various fields by Punjabi NRIs.

I am again pleased to announce that the 2019 international annual of this publication will be a special Guru Nanak Dev edition, which will be released on 1st January, 2019. Hope you enjoy the book !

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About the Book

The book contains -
  • Direct access to 1000's of community leaders and Punjabi NRIs across the world
  • Profiles of over 200 leading Indians of Punjabi origin living outside India
  • Complete information of over 2000 Sikh organisations and gurdwaras all over the world
  • Addresses of Indian newspapers outside India and international correspondents of Indian newspapers
  • Law offices and immigration specialists, Indian organisations, marriage bureaux, hotels, restaurants and caterers
  • Addresses of Indian manufacturers & jewellers
  • Addresses of Indian diplomatic missions throughout the world and the foreign missions in New Delhi, India
  • Investigative and analytical articles from established writers specialising in Indian diaspora
  • And much more !
No part of this international publication is allowed to be reproduced, translated, copied, distributed or sold without the prior permission of the publisher, Nirpal Singh Shergill of London(UK) and Patiala(India). All rights reserved.

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